When employers compete for labor, we see wages rise, racial employment gaps narrow, and more opportunity for workers.

Employ America (EA) is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting sustainably tighter labor markets through better fiscal and monetary policy, and through creative applications of existing authorities and powers in federal agencies.

What to know about us:

We’re a very small team, so each new hire has a huge impact on the organization we’re building. We take our time in hiring, and we try to treat our team exceptionally well. 

What we offer:

  • Opportunity for Impact. If you produce excellent work, we’ll help you get it in the hands of the people making the big decisions on economic policy. US policymakers and economic media respect our analysis, and we have an inordinately high public profile for our size and resources. 

  • (real) Flexibility. We work in the world of policymaking. We won’t tell you you’ll never work a weekend or evening at EA. But we take ample time to take care of the kids, run errands, go to the doctor, take a mental health day, and generally enjoy our lives. We’re also a fully remote organization. For most roles, you can work however, whenever, and wherever you need to to be at your best.

  • Great Pay & Benefits. We have a salary floor of $55k annually for full-time roles. We cover employee health premiums 100% (and additional family at 50%) on generous, trans-inclusive plans, and have a 4% dollar-for-dollar 401k match with immediate vesting. We also offer generous parental leave, unlimited paid time off, and generally encourage you to take ample time to recharge and live your life.

If you need to reach a real human to ask questions or get info, feel free to email Director of Operations & Culture Kim Stiens.

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